We design optimum solutions for each installation. An efficient assignment of economic and technical resources, integrating the design in EPLAN together with manufacture and digitalised logistics, enables us to provide individualised solutions within very tight deadlines. We offer installations follow-up in order to correctly manage their life cycle.

We incorporate the EPLAN Pro Panel tool in the design of electrical cabinets with 3D layout. We guarantee a top quality 3D assembly design, a perfect integration for manufacturing, and continuity in the work flow and process chain. 3D technology allows us to visualize cabinet elements which would be impossible in 2D.

We optimise cabinet wiring with the aid of the Smart Wiring tool, which allows us to visualize the wiring and have all the necessary information in 100% digital format. It eases the description of sources, cutting sections, colours, assignation of connection points, processing of conduction terminations and routing.

All this endows our work with efficiency and quality and provides the customer with additional information which will be very useful.

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